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Mentions in Popular Dance & Mainstream Media

"Central London Dance is all about non-stop teaching. ‘I enjoy it the most,’ says Kemp. ‘There’s a great thrill – you either love it or you don’t – it must be very frustrating for someone who doesn’t love it. I love taking someone who is a beginner and after one lesson they can do something. There’s a wonderful sense of achievement both for them and for me as a teacher.’ … there are three main types of dancer they teach: social, competitive and teachers in training."

Colin Crummy Dance Today! April 2005

"For all these achievements he is very down to earth. He is a person born to teach and he loves to teach. He is an outstanding and versatile teacher with the ability to spot potential and to diagnose. I cannot quite put my finger on how it happens; there is no formula I can reproduce in which he brings out the ability in his pupils."

Diana Wykes Dance Magazine 2011 No 456

"We also lectured together…on numerous occasions and I can honestly say that it has always been and continues to be a privilege to work with Vernon, not to mention having the opportunity of dancing with him and those very expressive feet."

Jill Bush Chair Sequence Faculty ISTD Dance Magazine 2011

"Vernon, a miniature version of Freddie Mercury steers me through the steps of jive…and nimbly skips from under my feet whenever they threaten."

Martyn Harris Daily Telegraph

"Vernon presented and taught with clarity and expertise that he has become renowned for."

Jon Singleton Dance News

"This lecture provoked excellent audience participation, which is the hallmark of a good lecturer. The intensity of the choreography was at exactly the correct level and each figure had its own highlight."

Richard Hunt, Chairman Imperial Dance and Dancesport Faculties Board Dance News

"According to Vernon Kemp young businessmen and women have been flocking to his classes as part of a career plan which necessitates not making fools of themselves… 'they know they are expected to look competent on the dance floor. You could say they come here to help their careers'."

Anne Barrowclough Mail on Saturday

"Vernon demonstrated common faults and amusingly walked us through his teaching methods of correcting them… I felt Vernon’s lecture was entertaining and very informative, from the reaction of the audience they too found it extremely enjoyable."

Julie Earnshaw, Sequence Champion and Adjudicator Dance News

"Well suited as a couple Vernon and Christine gave a sparkling demonstration of his excellent Jive routine… Like Vernon the variation is bright, lively and very danceable. The audience obviously loved it and him, as there was enthusiastic clapping after the demonstration and between teaching sections. Strength and warmth of personality had won Vernon to our hearts."

Janet Clarke, Fellow and Examiner ISTD Ballroom Dancing Times

"My group – 30 of us, average age 28, all of whom would probably make it into Chinawhite on a Thursday night – starts with a light foxtrot. Then we salsa (not, strictly, ballroom – Latin obviously – but nobody’s picky) And, finally, we waltz. I am complete rubbish, but it’s all weirdly enjoyable, invigorating and fun."

Ben Rowell Evening Standard Weekend